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SOLIDAT is committed to providing excellent products and services for smart cities, intelligent resource utilization, energy-efficient, intelligent factories and other fields. Our products are applicable for many industries such as municipal, power, chemical, oil and natural gas, food and beverage, water and sewage treatment, energy, metallurgy, papermaking, shipbuilding and environment detection, etc.
Ultrasonic Level Meters: SLDL2110, SLDL2120, SLDL2130;
Split Ultrasonics: SLDL2525, SLDL2550;
Silt Analysis Systems: SLDL2560, SLDL2580;
External Mount Level Switches: SLDL2810, SLDL2850;
Ultrasonic Flow Meters: SLDF2280, SLDF2380, SLDF2080/SLDF2085, SLDF2180/SLDF2185;
Multi-parameter Analysis System: SLDA2100; Guided Wave Radar: SLDL5523, SLDL5524, SLDL5521, SLDL5522, SLDL5525, SLDL5526;
Radar Level Meter: SLDL5215, SLDL5216, SLDL5223, SLDL5224, SLDL5227, SLDL5228, SLDL5221, SLDL5222, SLDL5225, SLDL5226, SLDL5228R, SLDL5229, SLDL5283, SLDL5284, SLDL5281, SLDL5282, SLDL5285;
FM radar level gauges: SLDL5183, SLDL5184, SLDL5181, SLDL5182, SLDL5185, SLDL5195;
Microwave level switches: SLDL5420-S/SLDL5420-R, SLDL5430-S /SLDL5430-R, SLDL5410-S/SLDL5410-R;
Microwave Flow Switch: SLDF5410, SLDF5420;
Microwave Multi-parameter Analysis System: SLDA5700;
Gamma Particle Ashmeter System: SLDL5900;
Rotational Level Switch: SLDL1130, SLDL1140,SLDL1110, SLDL1120;
Tuning fork limit switch: SLDL1512, SLDL1513, SLDL1540, SLDL1630, SLDL1510, SLDL1511, SLDL1520, SLDL1530, SLDL1610, SLDL1620;
RF capacitance level meter: SLDL3130 SLDL3150, SLDL3110, SLDL3120, SLDL3160, SLDL3180;
RF admittance switch : SLDL3520, SLDL3530, SLDL3510;
Drum Level Gauges for Electric Contacts: SLDL3604, SLDL3612, SLDL3601;
Magnetostrictive Level Gauges: SLDL7110, SLDL7120;
Magnetic Level Gauges: SLDL7510, SLDL7520;
Belt Conveyor Protection: BCP10 , BCP20, BCP30, BCP40, BCP50, BCP60, BCP70, BCP80;
Flow series: SLDF7110, SLDF7120, SLDF7210, SLDF7220, SLDF7430, SLDF7230, SLDF7310, SLDF7320, SLDF7410, SLDF7420;
Pressure series: SLDP3351-DP, SLDP3351-HP, SLDP3351 -DC, SLDP3351-AP, SLDP3351-LGP, SLDP3351-LDP, SLDP3351-LT;
Actuator Series: SLDOP-AT Field Control Type, SLDOP-AT Economy, SLDOP-AT Failsafe Type, SLDOP-AT Intrinsically Safe Type, SLDOP-CT 003, SLDOP-CT 004


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