Sewer Monitoring Solution

Sewer Levels and Flow

Remote monitoring of sewer level in underground pipes and channels reduces maintenance costs, prevents environmental disasters, responds to regulatory requirements and allows quantization of sewer flow for costing purposes. Utility teams are sent at the right time to the exact spot for preventive and periodic maintenance. Overflow conditions are detected prior to catastrophic urban floods. Irregular flow to a sea or lake can be detected on time and prevented. Measuring sewer flow aids in charging industrial plants for releasing excessive waste into the public domain.

Ewer Level Solution    
All solution components: level sensor, GSM transmitter, battery pack and electronics are embedded inside the sewer beneath the manhole. No external data cables or power cables are required, resulting in low installation and maintenance costs. Communication is based on cellular (GSM) transmissions, available anywhere with no need for a dedicated RF infrastructure and no need for frequency licenses.

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