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Inventory tank tracking of liquids and solids is an essential element of efficient and cost-effective operations. Inventory tracking and control from one central location further optimizes operations. SolidAT offers a solution for tracking of liquids and solids in tanks. Monitoring is accompanied by reports for effective operations and new deliveries. Tracking and monitoring of inventory tanks may either be the task of an end-user or that of a supplier. In both cases, up to date information about material levels or volumes in the tank is essential for avoiding events such as premature run-outs and for streamlining deliveries.
SolidAT inventory tracking solution suits a wide variety of liquids and solids in tanks. PETROCHEMICAL liquids such as diesel, lubricants, additives, fuel oils and crude oil. FOOD related liquids including vegetable oil, fish oil, milk, fats, beer, juices and syrups. Liquids for the CHEMICAL industries such as hydrochloric acid (HCl), Sulphuric acid (H2SO4), Caustic Soda (NaOH), different types of Solvents and some alcohols. SOLIDS of either the grain type (animal food) or pastery type (honey, jam).
SolidAT inventory tracking solution is based on a non-contact ULTRASONIC LEVEL SENSOR, installed on a tank. Main advanatge for using non-contact ultrasonic technology for level measurements, is its indifference to inherent material chemical and physical properties. Properties such as material viscosity, specific weight or electrical conductivty do not effect the measurement at all. Some properties such as chemical aggressiveness of the target have a reduced influence when compared with submersible sensors. 

This indifference does come at a price - increased sensitivity to environmental effects in the air media above the material and to the physical shape of the target. For example, application suitablity degrades with presence of vapors or powder in the air. Suitability depends on grain sizes and surface foam.
SolidAT inventory tank monitoring and tracking solution is based on WIRELESS GSM CELLULAR reports. In most applications, reports are transmitted using data: GPRS over GSM. In some cases, SMS may be applied instead of GPRS. The main advantage for using cellular communications is its ubiquity: present everywhere, all the time and at low commercial prices. Competing communication technologies such as propriertry RF / Radio transmitters may provide higher service quality (e.g. shorter time delay) but require massive high cost for deployment and in some cases frequency licensing.
SolidAT web monitoring service offers three major views of the collected field data.
· Up to the minute status of each tank and all tanks combined. Status infomation includes LEVEL, VOLUME, TEMPERATURE, SENSOR HEALTH and important EVENTS (refill, critical low). In some applications, GPS based LOCATION is also reported and displayed on a map.
· Historical data allowing the analysis of past trends and events. Data is kept for one year (standard service) and may be downloaded easily by the user as EXCEL files.
· Immediate and periodic e-mail alerts are sent to subscribed users. Alerts are tailored to the project needs: critical material level,daily/weekly usagerefill process taking place, tank overheating and similar alerts / reports.

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