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Non-contact level measurement meters are required in a wide-range of industrial applications. Non-contact may be required due to the chemically aggressive nature of the measured material or due to its uneven flowing surface characteristics, due to target sensitivity and more. Ultrasonic technology is non-contact, cost-effective when compared with competing technologies and provides good results in a wide variety of applications. 
Ultrasonic level measurement technology is in many cases the optimal technology of choice for non-contact level measurement.


For aggressive chemicals, select our PVDF sensors. Rapid processes are gauged with high-tracking-rate firmware up to 10 meters per minute. Choose output type which best fits your plant: 4-20mA, Modbus, HART and more. 


For explosive liquids, select one of our sensors certified for use in explosive atmospheres: ATEX, IECEx, FM. Geographically remote tanks can be monitored wirelessly over the cellular network with our GaugerGSM sensor. For small (1-2 m) tanks select a model exhibiting a short "dead zone" of 15 cm (5.9"). 

Food and Beverage

Our sensors are non-contact and do not interact in any way with the measured substance. The sensors are insensitive to internal composition of the target and automatically compensate for temperature effects. For interfering inlets and mixers apply our false-echo extraction algorithms.

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