Remote Diesel Tank Monitoring

Diesel Level and Volum

· Not sure how much fuel has been delivered and at what time?
· Worried about Diesel theft? Think employees may be siphoning each day?
· Cannot take the risk of a premature dried-out tank?
· Need an alarm when tank is half full? Level is 10% from empty?

Sensor Solution Highlights

· Account for fuel levels and inventory at each of your tank sites and for all sites combined.
· Check status on the web using any web-browser, laptop and smartphone.
· Identify long and short term tank usage trends, log filling and emptying times.
· Receive an indication when suspicious events occur such as sudden drop in fuel level.
· Receive e-mail alerts for variety of situations (10% from empty, full, refill in process.
· Remotely configure sensors over-the-air using simple SMS commands.
· Check map location chart of all sites. Actual tanks may even be seen in satellite view.

Features of The Ultrasonic Level Sensor

· Non-contact, continuous level sensor with no-moving parts and no field calibration.
· Communicates using GPRS over GSM cellular network (SMS is optional alternative).
· Reports level, volume (liters/gallons) and temperature.
· Also reports power supply status and cellular signal strength (RSSI).
· One-size-fits-all tank shapes and dimensions.
· Industrial-grade technology for outdoor harsh environment
· Hermetic sealed to IP68: can operate in rain, wind, dust, sun
· Operational temperature from -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Solution Architecture

Level Sensors are installed at remote sites and transmit data over the cellular network to a web-server. Fielded units may be monitored with GaugerNET, a SolidAT Web remote monitoring application or with third party monitoring solution. With GaugerNET, data is logged for months and years. Diesel state is presented in charts, tables and map. The chart at the left demostrates a 4-day refill-dispense cycle.

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