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GaugerNET is a web-based monitoring application for GaugerGSM. SolidAT also supports customers who prefer to create their own monitoring solutions. To become a partner - check below. Some of our partners already offer third party applications.

Gaugernet By Solidat

TheGauger.Net is a web monitoring solution for GaugerGSM systems. This solution is part of SolidAT complete offering and provides chart and table view for each site. The users may view measurement results with any browser at any location including SmartPhones.

Becoming A 3-rd Party Partner

1. Read about GAUGERGSM
2. Glance though Solutions
3. Download/read the ICD
4. Download Vector Generator
5. REPORT to us

Check SolidAT monitoring application by browsing to TheGauger.net with
username: demo
password: demo
Port ID: 25012.

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  • Level_Measurement_Gen_3_Microwave
  • Gen_3_Microwave_Amplifier
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