Rivers and Water Reservoirs

Rivers and Water Reservoirs

Need level sensor warnings before flood alerts?
Need tight control over water rising in your facilities?
Need to manage level of water reservoirs and dams?
Need to measure the water level over wide geographical areas?
Need the level sensor to be cost-effective and maintenance-free?

Tion Characteristics

Industrial graded ultrasonic sensors for outdoor use.
Seal rating IP68, allowing short immersions. Ambient temperature: -30°C to +70°C.
Level sensors are non-contact, continuous, with no-moving parts for long life operation.
Installed on bridges or rock walls for non-accessible channels.
No field calibration is required.

Features of The Complete Solution

Alerts for high levels, low levels, rapid level increase/decrease.
Communicates using GSM cellular network, SMS or GPRS.
Can operate on battery packs or solar panels.
Measurement range from a few cm (inches) and up to 40 meters (130').
Open for third-party remote level monitoring software.
Map location chart for all sites.

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