A new web monitoring server (GaugerNET) is now offered by SolidAT. The server presents fielded sensor data in graphic and table views. Users can select any specific site or view aggregate data from all project sites. Data can be viewed with any standard browser and no software installation is required. One typical application is the management of remote diesel tanks. At each remote site, a level sensor is installed and data is transmitted over the cellular network to a web monitoring server. Users can view tank information such as level, quantity, temperature, refill process or sudden drop in level. Project information such as overall diesel inventory can be viewed at any time. Updated last message status is also presented, allowing quick check if all sites are on-line. Other application for the GaugerNET are sewer meters installed across the city and flood monitoring based on sensors installed along rivers and water reservoirs. GaugerNET together with GaugerGSM sensors form a complete, simple and cost effective solution for remote level monitoring applications. Fielded GaugerGSM sensors can be configured to low cost GPRS communications or to SMS based messages. With the GPRS method, GaugerGSM transmits data directly to GaugerNET. With SMS, messages are transmitted to a local gateway PC which forwards SMS to GaugerNET.

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