Fielded water level measurement stations, based on GaugerGSM sensor, report real time stream levels and flow. Stations are located across a stream-rich region of the upper Galilee feeding the Jordan river in the northern part of Israel. The region is a popular tourist destination due to its biblical origins, rich flora and fauna. Field data is available over the Internet to authorized engineers, site supervisors and Government officials. remote monitoring station - close up


The water basin in the Upper Galilee maintains a delicate balance between recharges, net precipitation, domestic and irrigation consumption, and water tourism (canoeing). Local and state officials are tasked to study the tradeoffs, manage risks and take actions to keep the balance. Monitoring stations are essential for data collection. remote monitoring station - overall


Fielded stations are autonomic systems, located along tourist routes, unattended and susceptible to harsh weather conditions and vandalism. As such a tightly confined protected solution is required. Conversely, the ultrasonic level sensor must be exposed to flowing waters, must allow wireless communications and should enable battery pack replacement all at reasonable costs.


The complete solution is packaged in a metal pipe, with isolated compartments for the sensor unit and control unit. Both units, including battery pack, are seal rated IP68 and can combat outdoor conditions. The pipe is designed with anti-vandalism protection withstanding any occasional passerby.

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