Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.(SolidAT) offers level sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, Electric actuator and remote monitoring solutions for flow, pressure, level and volume.

SolidAT level sensors are non-contact and implement radar, microwave and ultrasonic technology. Remote monitoring is based on GPRS cellular communications and a web-based monitoring application. Radar,microwave and ultrasonic sensor technology is the best choice for challenging targets such as sewage, corrosive chemicals, flowing fluids and rivers. SolidAT is leading the market for remote monitoring of sewer levels, monitoring of diesel tanks and river level monitoring with flood alerts.

level product line

SLDL5100 series FMCW radar level meter
SLDL5200 series pulse radar level meter
SLDL5400 series microwave switch / flow switch
SLDL5500 series guided wave radar level meter
SLDL3100 Series RF admittance level meter
SLDL3500 series RF admittance level switch / compound position switch
SLDL1500 series tuning fork switch
SLDL1600 series vibrating rod switch
SLDL1100 series resistance rotary switch
SLDL2100 series ultrasonic level meter
SLDL2600 series external ultrasonic liquid level meter
SLDL7100 series magnetostrictive liquid level meter
SLDL7500 series magnetic turnover board level meter
SLDL3600 series Electronic Water Level Gauge

flow product line

SLDF2100/SLDF2600 series electromagnetic flowmeter

SLDF3000 series mass flowmeter

SLDF4000 series vortex flowmeter

SLDF5000 series ultrasonic flowmeter

pressure product line

SLDP3351 Series pressure transmitter

Electric actuator

SLD-OP series Electric actuator

SolidAT handles the development, engineering, production, marketing, sales and supportion of its level sensors,flow sensors,pressure sensors,Electric actuator and for remote monitoring solutions. SolidAT plant is internationally certified by ISO 9001:2008, ATEX and IECEx for production of systems certified for explosive atmospheres.

SolidAT level sensors span a wide measurement range from 0.15m to 200m. Level sensors provide 4-20mA, HART,PROFUBUS,FF or Modbus. Sensors are loop powered or 4-wire systems supporting up to five relays for pump control.

SolidAT LOGO Level sensor GaugerGSM sewer level sensor


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