SLDF2280 External Clip Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Working Principle

SonarFlow clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter uses characteristics that sound waves propagating in fluid by different propagation speeds of different flow directions, measuring the propagation time difference between its flow and reflow to calculate the flow rate of the fluid.

Product Feature
  • Easy to install, no need to break pipes and stop production.
  • Without routine maintenance, reliable and non-drift measurements are provided always.
  • Adopting advanced digital correlation technology and intelligent adaptive sound wave technology, the measurement stability is stronger.
  • Adopting sound focusing technology, the signal receiving quality of the product in continuous measurement has been significantly enhanced.
  • Adopting advanced modular integrated design, independent menu operation, LCD backlight display.
  • The protection grade of sensors is IP68, applicable for humid, soaking and other harsh environments.
  • The products can be expanded to use solar energy, lightning protection driver, explosion proof and other functional modules, so that it can meet the use of various working conditions.
  • SD card with mass storage can record the change of flow data at any time, greatly improving the reliability and safety.
 Model  SLDF2280
 Features  Multi-channel (1-7)
 Application  Applicable to occasions with large diameter trade metering and  delivery, where the straight pipe section is short before and after
 Flow rate range  ±0.01...±7m/s
 Diameter range  DN20...DN5000
 Accuracy  0.2 level/0.5level
 Repeatability  0.04% (pipelined)
 0.1% (Insertion)
 Sensor installation  Small Insertion
 Segment flange installation
 Sensor operating temperature  -40...+80°C
 High temperature transducer up to 150°C
 Process pressure  -1...16 bar
 Output  HART, Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus, GPRS/CDMA  Remote, Bluetooth, etc.

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