SLDF7120 (Split type) electromagnetic flowmeter

 Model  SLDF7120 (split type)
 Nominal diameter  15~2000mm
 Flow rate range  0-10m/s
 Accuracy  ±0.5%R, ±1% (DN20 or less)
 Medium conductivity  Theoretical value ≥5uS/cm, actual use ≥30uS/cm
 Nominal pressure  Optional 2.5MPa
 Optional 4.0MPa
 Ambient temperature: sensor
 Integrated type
 Maximum medium temperature  Split type: +80°C; +70~+250°C; +80°C or +120°C
 Cable size  M20 x 1.5 (standard nylon waterproof connector,  optional explosion-proof metal connector)
 Power supply voltage  110/220VAC (100-240VAC), 50Hz/60Hz; 24VDC  ±10%
 Work Consumption  ≤15VA
 Communication method  RS-485, support standard MODBUS-RTU protocol,  HART protocol, PROFIBUS PA; GPRS
 Signal electrode and ground electrode material  stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy B, titanium,  tantalum, platinum
 Electrode form   Interpolation, external plug electrodes need to be  customized
 Number of electrodes  Standard 3-4 electrodes (2 measurement  electrodes + 1 ground electrode), according to the  diameter configuration
 Connection flange standard  in line with international GB9119 (can be  customized according to user requirements)
 Connection flange material  standard carbon steel, stainless steel need to be  customized
 Grounding ring material  stainless steel, molybdenum-containing stainless  steel, etc.; DN15-DN450; stainless steel  1Cr18Ni9Ti (common austenitic stainless steel  SUS321)
 Shell material  standard carbon steel, stainless steel need to be  customized
 Protection level  split; IP68, IP65; integrated; IP65
 Spacing/Wiring Length (split type)  Standard 10m cable, optional 15m, 20m, 25m,  30m

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