SLDF7200 Slurry Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Working Principle:
Based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The two electromagnetic coils at the upper and lower ends generate a constant or alternating magnetic field. When the conductive medium flows through the electromagnetic flow meter, the induced electromotive force can be detected between the left and right electrodes on the tube wall of the flowmeter. The magnitude of the induced electromotive force is proportional to the velocity of the conductive medium, the magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic field, and the width of the conductor (the inner diameter of the flowmeter tube). Then the medium flow can be obtained by calculation Quantity.
1. Wear resistant lining material specially designed for pulp measurement, with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
2. There is no choke in the measuring pipe, so the pressure loss is small and it is not easy to block.
3. Excellent measurement repeatability and linearity, unique high frequency excitation mode, accurate measurement of all kinds of pulp.
4. External electrode structure, wear resistance, professional slurry converter, easy to operate.

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