SLDL2580 Series SonarAnalysis

Working Principle

SonarSilt silt interface meter emits a sonic pulse through the sensor to the interface at the bottom of the clarifier, or a flocculating medium layer at the bottom of the tank. The sonar signal is reflected from the interface to the sonar sensor. After the transmitter processes the return signal and compensates for the temperature, a distance reading is obtained, and a corresponding boundary layer or flocculating medium height output is given.
SonarAnalyst multilayer silt analysis system adopts different attenuation principle of sound velocity and energy of high-frequency sound waves in different density liquid. The parameters such as the sound speed and energy intensity of the ultrasonic wave at different liquid level heights are collected by the moving sonar sensor. After data analysis by Sonar Analysis software, the heights of clear liquid layer, sedimentation layer and silt layer are obtained, and the multi-parameters were measured simultaneously.

Product Feature
  • High accuracy, high reliability, reduce the inspection work intensity, save manpower and material resources.
  • SonarSilt adopts 4~20mA output£»SonarAnalyst has one way RS485 and four ways 4~20mA interfaces. Easy to realize networking, can exchange data with the monitoring center in real time.
  • SonarAnalyst adopts 7 inch true color LCD screen, Chinese subtitles, beautiful and generous interface.
  • With real-time measurement, data storage, record playback, data statistics, parameter setting and other functions.
  • High temperature resistance, high alkali resistance.
  • Fully sealed, not afraid of fog, moisture and other erosion.
  • SonarAnalyst sonar sensor with surface ultrasonic self-cleaning function (less adhesion)
  • External automatic foam cleaner (optional)
  • Support Hart,Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus¡¢GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.
 Model  SLDL2580 Series SonarAnalysis Multilayer Sludge Analysis  System
 Application  Sewage treatment plant: first sedimentation tank, secondary  sedimentation tank, concentrated tank
 Food production: carbon polarity rod, concentrator
 Water treatment: filter, concentrator, water supply plant.
 Mining, power plant: filter, concentrator, clarifier, clarification tank.
 Sensor housing material  PU/PC/PTFE/316L/Ceramics
 Process temperature  £¨-40~90¡æ£©
 Process pressure  £¨-0.02…2£©Mpa
 Measurement range  Multi-parameter 20m
 Transmission frequency  Multiple frequencies
 Signal output  4…20mA/HART two-wire/four-wire system, Profibus PA, Foundation  Fieldbus ¡¢Modbus protocol,485 Bus protocol, GPRS /CDMA  remote, Bluetooth
 Certificate  CE, EMC, CEsafey, Fcc part 15, seal rating

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