SLDL8500 Flow Level Meter

γ particle flow is a gamma photons with a certain amount of energy emitted by atomic nucleus. Natural and artificial radionuclides which emit γ particle flows are widely distributed in nature. For example, the radioactive source 137Cs, 60Co, etc. used in traditional nuclear material level meter. The construction material such as cement, ceramic tile, marble that uses commonly also has strong or weak radioactivity.
γ particle flows have a strong penetrating power, and when passing through the matter, the reduction in strength is related to the density of matter and conforms to the exponential law. The main mechanism is that photoelectric effect, Compton effect and electron pair effect occur between the γ photon in a γ particle beam with a certain energy and matter,  then the energy is lost and disappears from the beam of the original ray. 
γ particle flow level meter uses small amounts of natural radionuclides that are widely present in the natural environment. When the material position changes, the quantity of material and detector distance change, the γ particle flow of the material measured by the detector is different. Due to the shielding effect of materials, the intensity of the γ particle flow passing through the container will also change when the material position changes

Product features

 Non-contact measurement, installation without opening hole
 No radioactive source, use safely
 Wireless remote debugging (optional)
 Anti-hanging material, the total amount of ash in the installation position is measured,
 and the hanging material has no influence on the measurement.
 Applicable to high temperature and high pressure conditions.

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