SLDL2110 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Working Principle
SonicScan ultrasonic level meter emits ultrasonic pulse, the ultrasonic signal is reflected back from the surface of the measured medium. Some of the transmitted echoes are received by SonicScan and converted into electrical signals. The ultrasonic pulse is propagated by sound wave velocity, and the time interval from transmitting to receiving ultrasonic wave pulse is proportional to the distance from the sensor to the surface of the measured medium. The relationship of this distance value S, sound velocity C and transmission time T can be expressed by a formulaS=C×T/2.

Product Feature
  • SonicScan Adopts patented sound wave matching processing technology with higher signal reliability, the measurement is more accurate, the measurement is not affected by the process condition, debugging-free, calibration-free
  • Built-in temperature sensor, measurement results can be intelligently compensated
  • One-click false echo learning, even if there are multiple interference echoes, also can accurately measure echoes. false echo display function is convenient for debugging personnel to analyze field conditions.
  • Multi-language support, Chinese menu display
  • Support external 4~20mA signal input, realize multi-sensor fusion, support GPS signal input, can transmit position and measurement result at the same time
  • Support Hart,Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus、GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.
 Model  SLDL2110
 Application  Suitable for continuously measuring the level of liquids or solids in  warehouse containers or open tanks, as well as level  measurement in various industrial fields, especially in the water  treatment industry
 Process Interface  G 1½A
 Transducer housing material  PU/PC/PTFE/PVDF
 Process temperature  -50...80°C
 Process pressure  (-0.02...0.1)Mpa
 Measuring range  0.25...5m
 Transmission frequency  55KHz
 Emission angle  5.5°
 Signal output  4...20mA HART two-wire/four-wire、Profibus PA、Foundation  Fiedbus、MODBUS protocol、485 Bus、GPRS/CDMA  remote、 Bluetooth communication
 Certification  CE, EMC, CEsafey, Fcc part 15, seal rating

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