SLDL5227 radar level gauge

Working Principle
SoltaScan&K radar level meter emits microwave pulses at K-band, which travel at the speed of light and touch the surface of the measured media. Some of the energy is reflected back and received by SoltaScan. The time interval between the emitting pulse and the receiving pulse is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the surface of the media, thus calculating the distance of the SoltaScan to the surface of the measured media.
SoltaScan&K contains SLDL5226 planar type, SLDL5227 lens type, SLDL5228 trumpet type (parabolic type), SLDL5229 raindrop type.

Product Features
  • The signal processing technology can effectively suppress the interference wave and realize continuous and effective measurement.
  • Easy debugging and saving time, no need to fill or empty the container.
  • The setup is simple, and the measurement can be achieved at least by setting two parameters.
  • One-click imaginary echo learning, even with multiple interfering echoes, can be accurately measured.
  • Multi-language support (including Chinese), echo, false echo visual display, easy to analyze and debug by maintenance personnel.
  • Measurements are not affected by changes in the media, nor is it affected by process conditions such as temperature, pressure or dust.
  • Support Hart,Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbusˇ˘GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.
 Model  SLDL5227
 Application  Applicable to strong dust, steam and other extreme conditions
 Measuring range  120m
 Antenna material  PTFE, PVDF or PFA
 Process connection  Thread
 Process temperature  -50...2000°C
 800ˇć(With isolation accessories)
 Process pressure  -1...20bar
 400bar(With isolation accessories)
 Measurement deviation  ±1mm
 Beam angle  8°
 Transmission frequency  26GHz
 Signal output  4…20mA/HART two-wire/four-wire system, Profibus PA, Foundation  Fieldbus, Modbus, 85 Modbus , GPRS /CDMA remote, Bluetooth
 Licenses  ATX, IEC, FAC, CSA, SIL2

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