SLDL5500 Guided Wave Radar Level Meter Drum Level Gauge

Working principle
The high-frequency microwave pulses emitted by FlexScan guided radar are propagated along the detection component (steel cable or steel bar). When they encounter the tested medium, some of its energy is reflected back due to the dielectric constant sudden change.  The time interval between the transmitting pulse and the reflected pulse is proportional to the distance of the measured medium.  
FlexScan contains SLDL5500 Normal type, SLDL5522 Anti-corrosive type, SLDL5523 Coaxial type, SLDL5524 High temperature type, SLDL5525 Steam compensation type, SLDL5526 double cable type,SLDL5530 Composite. SLDL5525 has steam compensation function which can correct the influence of saturated vapor on measurement and applicable to high and low steam drums, condensers and other high temperature and high pressure measurement conditions.
Product Features
  • SLDL5525 has steam compensation function which can correct the influence of saturated vapor on measurement.
  • SLD5523/5525 coaxial structure, zero blind area measurement.
  • Adopts FlexScan echo processing technology, the measurement is not affected by external disturbances and hanging materials such as foam, steam or powder.
  • SLDL5530 is a pulse time domain, utility model name radio frequency admittance composite level meter. The electromagnetic wave sent by the pulse transmitter is reflected to form echo and returns to the pulse transmitter along the same path. The energy of the transmitted wave has no attenuation and the measurement is not affected by external interference
  • Measurement is not affected by medium density, dielectric constant, pressure, temperature and container shape.
  • Easy debugging and saving time, no need to fill or empty the container.
  • Multi-language support (including Chinese), echo, false echo visual display, easy to analyze and debug by maintenance personnel.
  • Support Hart,Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus、GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc. 
 Model  SLDL5521
 Features  Measurement is not subject , sticking , 
foam and condensation effects
 Application  Measurement of liquids and solids , 
complex process conditions
 Maximum range  cable: 75m
 bar: 6m
 Process connection  G1½a, G2A  ,Flange   
 Probe Assembly Material Stainless steel 304, 316L/PTFE
 Process temperature  (-40~150)°C
 Measurement deviation  ±2mm (optional ±0.5mm)
 Process pressure  (-0.1~4) MPa
 Signal output  4…20mA/HART two-wire/four-wire system, Profibus PA,  Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, 85 Modbus , GPRS /CDMA  remote, Bluetooth

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