SLDL5182 FM Radar Level Meter


Working Principle
Using FM continuous wave (FMCW) technology, transmitting signals for linear FM in the work area, by comparing the frequency difference between two transmitted waves  △f to obtain the distance value.
SLDL5180: 78GHz~80GHz
SLDL5190: 120GHz~128GHz
Product Feature
  • SLDL5180 Emission angle can be 1°, SLDL5190 Emission angle is 0.7°, can be installed by long lead-out  tube, can be installed on the ball valve.
  • The precision of SLDL5180 series is up to 1mm, the precision of SLDL5190 series is up to 0.5mm.
  • SoltaFMScan patented processing technology, fast processing of ECHO signals to fast track material level, single measurement only takes 5ms.
  • Strong penetration, especially suitable for using in high steam and high dust applications.
  • Easy debugging and saving time, no need to fill or empty the container.
  • The setup is simple, and the measurement can be achieved at least by setting two parameters.
  • One-click imaginary echo learning, even with multiple interfering echoes, can be accurately measured.
  • Multi-language support (including Chinese), echo, false echo visual display, easy to analyze and debug by maintenance personnel.
  • Measurements are not affected by changes in the medium, nor is it affected by process conditions such as temperature, pressure or dust.
  • Support Hart,Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus、GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.
 Model  SLDL5182
 Application  Applied to the food and pharmaceutical industry, high requirements for hygienic and clean performance of process connections.
 Frequency  78GHz
 Measuring range   100m
 Antenna material  PTFE、PFA
 Process connection  Flange
 Process temperature  -40...+200°C
 Process pressure  -1...20 bar
 Measurement deviation  ±1mm
 Beam angle  ≤6°
 Transmission frequency  78GHz~80GHz
 Signal output  4...20mA/HART two-wire/four-wire, Probus PA, Foundation Fieldbus,  Modbus protocol, 485 bus protocol, GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth,  etc.
 License  ATEX, IEC, FAC, CSA, SIL2

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