SLDL5410 Microwave Level Switch

Working Principle

RadioFlow emits microwaves in the space. When microwaves encounter an object, some are reflected, some are partially absorbed and some partially penetrates the object.  When microwaves partially penetrate an object, the attenuation rate is proportional to the permittivity of the object. In general, microwaves cannot penetrate metal and are completely reflected back. Water will absorb most of the microwaves. Microwaves can easily penetrate plastics, glass, ceramics and paper. Therefore, if microwaves emitted by the sensor probe are reflected by a solid object, a deviation between two types reflected waves according to the Doppler Effect principle. An object flowing can be determined by judging whether there is a deviation or not.
RadioFlow Microwave Flow Switch contains SLDF5410 thread type and SLDF5420 flange type. SLDF5410 is applicable for pipeline and SLDF5420 is applicable for flow monitoring of belt conveyor.
Product Features
  • 26G transmission frequency is highly penetrable, unaffected by hanging materials, surface fouling, suspended particles and steam.
  • Adopt microwave signal, not affected by ambient noise and vibration.
  • Non-contact installation, no mechanical wear and mechanical damage.
  • The flow rate is visually displayed with LED signal bars, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to debug.
  • With self-detection function, when microwave abnormal, temperature abnormal rise, can alarm output.                               
  • With 4... 20mA flow rate analog output
  • Ex d ia(ia Ga)C T5/T6 Gb intrinsically safety explosion-proof composite certification, suitable for use in explosion-proof conditions.

 Model  Transmitter: SLDL5410-S Receiver: SLDL5410-R
 Supply voltage  24V DC/AC220V±10%
 Detection distance  ≤100m
 Frequency and Antenna power  24GHZ Zone, within10mV
 Number of channels  1CH
 Transmitting angle  ≈±20 (half angle)
 Response time delay mode  0.1-10sec. (adjustable)
 Power on self test time  Transmitter: ≈50sec Receiver: ≈5sec
 Receiving signal power indication  One of the 15 LED lights bright indicates the  receiving power.
  Sensitivity Setting value indication  One of the 15 LED lights dark indicates the  sensitivity setting value.
 Power  2VA
 Operating temperature  -30...+70
 Process temperature   -40...+1200 (Thermal insulating parts are  required)
 Maximum Continuous working pressure  40MPa
 Protection grade  IP68 (dust proof and water proof)
 Communication output  DPDT Relay and Alarm light output, contactless  switch, transistor output, 8mA/20mA two-wire  system, Namur output
 Application field  1. Effectively to monitor the level of waste,  minerals, powder, granules, asphalt and other  medium
 2. Can complete the detection of high temperature,  high pressure and dangerous medium.
 3. Mines, quarrying, paper pulp, plastics, rubber,  steel, building materials, aluminum smelting, food,  pharmaceutical, chemical and etc.

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