SLDL5400 Threaded Microwave Flow Switch

Working Principle

RadioFlow emits microwaves in the space. When microwaves encounter an object, some are reflected, some are partially absorbed and some partially penetrates the object.  When microwaves partially penetrate an object, the attenuation rate is proportional to the permittivity of the object. In general, microwaves cannot penetrate metal and are completely reflected back. Water will absorb most of the microwaves. Microwaves can easily penetrate plastics, glass, ceramics and paper. Therefore, if microwaves emitted by the sensor probe are reflected by a solid object, a deviation between two types reflected waves according to the Doppler Effect principle. An object flowing can be determined by judging whether there is a deviation or not.

Product Features
  • 26G transmission frequency is highly penetrable, unaffected by hanging materials, surface fouling, suspended particles and steam.
  • Adopt microwave signal, not affected by ambient noise and vibration.
  • Non-contact installation, no mechanical wear and mechanical damage.
  • The flow rate is visually displayed with LED signal bars, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to debug.
  • With self-detection function, when microwave abnormal, temperature abnormal rise, can alarm output.                             
  • With 4... 20mA flow rate analog output
  • Ex d ia(ia Ga)C T5/T6 Gb intrinsically safety explosion-proof composite certification, suitable for use in explosion-proof conditions.   
 Model  SLDL5400
 Detection method  Microwave Doppler effect, detecting the presence of solid material flow
 Supply voltage  220V AC±10%/24V DC±10%
 Power  2W
 Detection distance  1.5m (reference to the test object)
 Frequency measurement and antenna power  24GHZ band, within 10mW
 Sensitivity margin indicator  7 LED indicators
 Control output  AC/DC 500V, 150mA, 1a relay without contact output
 Alarm output  PDT relay box alarm light output, non-contact switch, transistor output,  8mA/20mA two-wire, Namur output
 Response time delay mode  ON/OFF delay (adjustable) 0-10sec/0-2sec (adjustable)
 Power on self test time: about 8sec
 Mode setting  NO.1 Select stream detection and material flow detection NO.2 Select  delay and non-delay N0.3 Select delay 10 seconds and 2 seconds  N0.4  Select signal filter
 Doppler received signal indicates  blue LED
 Anti-jamming capability  Impulse noise generated by noise simulator ±1.5KV (between power  terminals and between power supply and box)
 Shock resistance  10~55Hz Single amplitude 0.75mm, 2h each in X/Y/Z 3 direction
 Working temperature  -40°C...+70°C
 Process temperature  -40°C...+1200°C (need to add insulation components)
 Inventory ambient temperature  -40°C...+70°C
 Maximum continuous working pressure  40MPa
 Protection class  IP68 (dust-proof and waterproof)

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