SLDL7110 (hard tube type) magnetostrictive liquid level gaug

Working principle
When MagScan Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter works, the circuit part of the sensor stimulates the impulse current on the waveguide wire. The current transmits along the waveguide wire, and the pulse current magnetic field is generated around the waveguide wire. The sensor rod of the meter is equipped a float, which can move up and down along the measuring rod along with the change of the liquid level. There is a set of permanent magnetic rings inside the float, and the magnetic field around the float changes when the magnetic field of the pulse current is encountered with the magnetic ring magnetic field generated by the float. Thus the waveguide wire made of magnetostrictive materials generates a torsional wave pulse in the position of the float. The pulse is transmitted back at a fixed speed along the waveguide wire and detected by a circuit. The position of the float (liquid level) is determined by measuring the time difference between the impulse current and the torsional wave.
Product Features
  • Non-contact tracking measurement, no mechanical friction, long life span
  • Level measurement accuracy ± 0.5 mm, position measurement accuracy ±1mm
  • Measurable level , position, 5 point temperature, average temperature, etc.
  • Multi-language support, echo display function, easy to debug
  • Excellent security, E x   d ( i a ) C T 6  intrinsic safety explosion proof  grade certificate
  • High temperature resistance  427, high pressure resistance 207bar
  • Support HART, Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus , GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.
 Model  SLDL7120 (flexible hose type)
 Accuracy of oil level measurement  ±0.5mm
 Accuracy of water level measurement  <0.5mm
 Accuracy of temperature measurement  <±0.2°c
 Accuracy of boundary measurement  ±1mm
 High resolution  ±0.01mm
 Measuring range  0~20m
 Measuring points  RTD 5 points oil temperature measurement and  volume temperature compensation
 Operating temperature range  -40°c~60°c
 Maximum transmission distance of  probe signal  305m
 Oil and gas safety  The floating disc seals better, reduces the  volatilization loss, the leak detection function is  available.
 Electrical safety  Power supply 24V, Ex d (ia) II C T6 certificate,  Lightning and surge protection design
 Installation method  Unclear tank installation, the installation at the  dome by a light hole
 Signal output  HART, Modbus, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus ,  GPRS/CDMA remote, Bluetooth, etc.

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