SLDL5530 RF admittance composite level meter

Product description
Sldl5530 RF admittance composite material level meter is a new type of continuous material level measuring instrument using RF technology. Due to the adoption of "radio frequency detection technology" and microcomputer technology, the problems of large temperature drift, difficult calibration and fear of adhesion of traditional level meters are solved,
It can be widely used for continuous measurement of liquid and solid silo level in various industries. Especially in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, strong adhesion and dust, it is incomparable with other level meters.
working principle
Sldl5530 RF admittance composite level meter is composed of sensor and control instrument, as shown in the figure. The sensor can be rod type, coaxial or cable type probe installed on the top of the bin.
The pulse card in the sensor can convert the change of material level into pulse signal and send it to the control instrument. After calculation and processing, the control instrument is converted into engineering quantity to display, thus realizing the continuous measurement of material level.
Due to the adoption of "radio frequency detection technology", the reliability is improved and the installation and debugging become very simple.
Product features
The solid sldl5530 RF admittance and guided wave composite level meter adopts two measurement principles of radio frequency admittance and guided wave, and works in time-sharing manner. The RF admittance measurement is the main measurement, and the guided wave measurement is the auxiliary. It overcomes the shortcomings of the RF admittance level meter that needs to be calibrated,
It also avoids the disadvantages of jump and full jump under guided wave loading.

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