1 External Temperature Sensor Using Gauger level sensors with an external temperature sensor: advantages and guidelines.
2 Gauger Sealing Keeping the Gauger high sealing rate during installation and maintenance.
3 GaugerGSM - External GSM Antenna Replacing internal GSM antenna with an external antenna - for authorized distributords.
4 External Battery Pack Operating GaugerGSM with an external battery pack and programmable switch (PTS).
5 Control of 8-Relay Device Controlling an external 8-relay device with Gauger sensors.
6 GaugerNET Component Architecture GaugerNET three server design: Listener, Presenter and Gatewa
7 GaugerNET Modbus Implementation Implementation guidelines for Modbus clients interfacing GaugerNET Modbus Server.
8 Remote display On the use of commercial 4-20 based remote displays with 2-wire level sensors.
9 Open Channel Flow Configuration of MonoScan for Open Channel Flow measurements.
10 Software features Advanced software configuration features for MonoScan level sensors.
11 Installation Tips Hints for optimal physical installation of MonoScan and MicroScan level sensors.
12 Error signals Setting error signals for SolidScan sensors.
13 SmartScan50 - Modbus Details on the implementation of Modbus protocol with SmartScan50 level sensors.
14 SmartScan25 - Modbus Details on the implementation of Modbus protocol with SmartScan25 level sensors.
15 SmartScan25 - Modbus Details on the implementation of Modbus protocol with SmartScan25 level sensors.
16 Solid protocol Implementation details on the use of Solid protocol with SmartScan level sensors.
17 Precut and Flexible Cables Explanation on SmartScan sensor cables: fixed precut and flexible option.
18 Flexible cable Explanation on extending sensor cables in SmartScan systems.
19 Open Channel Flow Configuring SmartScan level sensors for Open Channel Flow measurement.
20 Enhanced capabilities Description of enhanced capabilities for SmartScan level sensors.
21 Error signals Setting error signals for SmartScan level sensors.
22 Cable lengths Options for different cable lengths in SmartScan level sensors.
23 SmartLite Description of the SmartLite level sensor.
24 Volume Configuration Configuring SmartScan50 for volume readings.
25 Volume and Flow Configuring SmartScan50 for volume readings and for table based Open Channel Flow.
26 Gas Factor Configuring and using SolidAT sensors in various gas atmospheres.
27 Mechanical Fitting Several aspects on mechanically fitting sensors for propoer installation.
28 Sensor Application Guide Applying different sensors (transducers) to different applications.
29 Sensors - ECTFE coating Characteristics of sensors coated with ECTFE.
30 IP and NEMA Introduction on sealing rating including IP rating and NEMA rating.
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