1 PRESENTATIONS A set of PowerPoint presentation. High level presentations include company-overview and product overview. Some presentations are dedicated to specific level sensors while others focus on remote monitoring solutions. In particular, a few presentations introduce remote monitoring of underground sewers and remote monitoring of Diesel tanks. These presentations provide a good introduction to new users of SolidAT level sensors annd remote monitoring solutions.
2 PHOTOS A set of jpg and png photos. A group of photos is dedicated to installation examples. Users of SolidAT products should consult with these photos prior to installation. These photos add and bring-to-life the installation sketches in user manuals. Other photos are high resolution high quality photos for marketing use. Distributors and resellers are encouraged to use these photos in their own marketing materials and presentations.
3 VIDEO CLIPS SolidAT offers a set of YouTube Video clips, mainly for aiding users in setting up, configuring and deploying our level sensors. GaugerGSM features one introductory video clip and three installation and configuration clips. Several video clips provide an overview of SmartScan systems, mainly SmartScan50, and configuration instructions. One video clip is also focused on long range SmartScan25 and cost-effective SmartLite.
4 SOLIDAT LOGO A high resolution picture of SolidAT. May be downloaded and used in marketing material of various sorts.
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All technical documents are subject to change without notice. Where a description conflict exists between different versions of documents and languages, specifications of the English version in the User Manual should be used.
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