1 ULTRASONIC LEVEL SENSOR - REDUCES COSTS SmartScan25 - accurate and constant level measurement at Hopax Chemicals plant, Taiwan.
2 IMPROVING STEEL PRODUCTION PROCESSES SmartScan50 - improves efficiency of steel manufacturing in Gujarat India.
3 MICROSCAN IN SULFURIC ACID MicroScan - level measurement in a Luxembourg Industries' Sulfuric acid tank.
4 LEVEL MEASUREMENT OF INK & SILICON MonoScan - continuous level indication of ink & silicon mixture in process machinery.
5 MONITORING DMA LEVEL MonoScan - monitors level of DMA (Dimethylamine).
6 STOCK MANAGEMENT OF ANIMAL FEED MonoScan installed in a large feed mill plant for tracking of animal feed.
7 MONITORING ANIMAL FOOD SILO Gauger system is installed on a silo for monitoring level of animal food.
8 MONITORING LEVEL OF WINE VATS MonoScan is monitoring the wine level in over 60 wine tanks.
9 KEEPING IT GREEN - USED FOOD OIL SmartScan50 - level measurement of recycled food oil used for poultry feed.
10 CONTROLLING FOOD ADDITIVES LEVEL IN PROCESS SmartScan50 - level measurement of food additives during production.
11 IMPROVED MONITORING OF CITRIC ACID LEVEL MonoScan - level monitoring of citric acid processing for a provider of food additives.
12 OH HONEY! WHAT AN ULTRASONIC DEVICE CAN DO¡­ MonoScan - 24/7 level monitoring of liquid honey.
13 IMPROVED WHEAT GRAINS STORAGE SmartScan25 - improves wheat grains storage management, saves costs and material loss.
14 EFFICIENT MONITORING OF GLUCOSE LEVEL MonoScan - efficient monitoring of glucose level for a leading jam manufacturer.
15 CONTROLLING LEVELS OF IRON SOLUTION SmartScan25 - solution for controlling levels of iron solution in Kirandul, India.
16 MEASURING CEMENT MIXTURES MonoScan - solution for monitoring levels of cement mixtures in 6 meters (19.7 ft.) silos.
17 EFFICIENT DETECTION OF PVC WASTEWATER LEVEL MonoScan - solution to measure and control PVC wastewater level in FPC, Taiwan.
18 WATCHING OVER PLATINUM PONDS SmartScan50 - solution for measuring volume of platinum waste water at Platinum refinery.
19 MEASURING THICKNESS LEVEL OF PULP MIXTURES SmartScan50 - solution for level measurement of wood pulp thickness at paper mill in Finland.
20 MEASURING LEVEL OF MODIFIED ASPHALT SmartScan50 - solution for level measurement of modified asphalt at Shell oil & gas farm.
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